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Types of Housing

1) Goshiwon:-

A goshiwon (고시원) is a small room somewhere around 5 square meters (1.5 pyeong) that students will often live in for a number of months in order to focus on a test. Goshiwons are generally located inside buildings somewhere around the second to sixth floor or so, and one goshiwon will have a dozen or two people living on one floor. Typically, the prices range from 200,000 Won to 300,000 Won for a small room. For detailed information about living in a Goshiwon go through the following link. For more details goshiwonmain

For more detailed information regarding living in Goshiwon  click goshiwon

2) Hasuks:-

Hasuks are basically boarding houses with small rooms complete with single bed, desk, and TV. Some places have in-room private showers and some have shared facilities. Hasuks are very similar to goshiwons, however, unlike goshiwons, you can expect to have 2 korean meals provided for you a day. One for breakfast and one for dinner. Also, you may find that some hasuks will have an ajumma who will do your laundry for you, while other in ones you will need to take care of your own laundry. It's worth shopping around to compare the different services that some have. Costs per month run as low as 200,000won a month and go up to 600,000won or more, depending on location, room size, and services available.

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3) Apartments in Korea:-

For more detailed information and listings of areas in Korea please click on:

Craigslist: criagslist

This website offers housing in various parts of Korea but mostly focuses on Seoul. Please look under the “HOUSING” section for more information. For household appliances and other items please click on the “FOR SALE” sections: “APPLIANCES” and “HOUSEHOLDS”


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