Student Life

Life in Korea

- Foreign students may experience difficulties obtaining housing, opening bank accounts, and using mass transportation, telecommunications, postal service, medical service, etc. due to unfamiliarity with the environment.

- To help them when problems occur and adapt to life in the ROK, each school has staff dedicated to assisting them, and they can find useful information at Study in Korea( and e-Government for Foreigners (, 1345), run by the ROK government.

Completion of study

- Upon completing their studies, foreign students can return to their home countries, obtain employment in the ROK, or go to higher educational institutions such as graduate schools. If they wish to get jobs in the ROK, they should obtain the status of sojourn that is appropriate for the job type. When going to a higher educational institution, the status of sojourn should be changed or extended.

Study in Korea

South Korea has increasingly been attracting international students into their undergraduate, graduate and research programmes. There are about 400 National and private universities and some universities have state of the art research facilities in several emerging scientific fields.

Universities that are oriented towards internationalization conduct 30% of their lectures in English. Graduate programmes have more lectures in English than undergraduate courses. There are some universities where all the courses are taught in English. Another option is to enroll in Korean language course prior to the academic session.

The academic year starts in March. A prospective student should start making preparations one year prior to the intended time of arrival.

Tuition fee varies depending on the university and national universities are cheaper than private ones.

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