How to get admission

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The procedure to get admitted into Korean Universities

Step 1:

Prepare your resume with photo in the top right most corner and with professor’s details who can give their recommendation letter to you at the end. It will be nice if one can prepare the cover letter as well. You can find plenty of sample cover letters in the internet.

Step 2:

Select the universities of your choice and also have a look at the available scholarships and their eligibility in those universities for information sake.

Step 3:

Prepare a list of professor’s who are working in your interested research area by visiting university website. Email every one separately by requesting him to consider you for MS/PhD program under his supervision.

Step 4:

If you have got any reply from professor will be great and you continue to be in touch with him or you can answer his queries if he ask any so. If you are really interested to work under one or two professors, you can send an email reminder or you can make a reminder phone call to request him to have a look into your resume.

Step 5:

If professor, interested he will ask you to apply to university for admission officially where you can mention in the application the Adviser/supervisor professor name who have accepted you. Along with this acceptance email. Most of the professors will also mention about your funding. If you are not eligible for any scholarships or if you don’t have any scholarships, professor will offer tuition fee and monthly salary. If you have scholarship also, few professors still give monthly salary.

Generally, in Korea professors offer tuition and monthly salary to their students and it totally depends on major. In management and language studies, the professors won’t offer so one shall depend on only scholarships.

Step 6:

If you don’t have any scholarship and professor haven’t mention about the funding. You can send an email requesting him to provide information related to funding. Then, he will clearly explain the funding situation.

Step 7:

 If everything is clear from professor and if you are decided to do your MS or PhD under his supervision, you can apply to the University for Admission. You can find the complete procedure in the university website. You will be needed to apply online and send application by postal service. Also, you will be required to pay the admission processing fee. In the application, you can mention the professor who have accepted you.

 Even if you haven’t get acceptance from any professor also can apply to university for admission without mentioning any professor name. If any professor like your profile and then only you will get admission.

Step 8:

If you are selected, you will be notified by email and you will get admission documents by postal service as well. You can apply for student VISA with those documents along with either scholarship or professor financial recommendation letter.

                You know what you shall do after that. Please find the check list for newcomers in our website.


Good Luck

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