Checklist for Newcomers

       This section was written by Mr./Ms. Name Lastname for TASK. TASK appreciate their sincere efforts towards the TASK Development.                        -TASK Team


Important: The Clothing list mentioned below may vary according to the individual preferences. Usually you can do the laundry every week. No hand wash. Only machine wash. So it won't be a problem for u. However, make sure that you get sufficient cloths that would last for at least 15 days.

1. Shirts : 4 nos.
2. Trousers (Pants- Formal) : 2 nos.
3. Jeans : 2-4 (Choice is urs)
4. T-Shirts : 3-4 no.s or as u think appropriate
5. Pjamas and Bermudas : 3 nos.
6. Suit : 1 no. (you'll never actually get to use it though!! )
7. Winter jacket: 1 no. (just for initial days). U may not get good jacket in India at this time. Don't worry. Later u can buy from here. Price is almost same.
8. Indian Traditional Dresses : 2 nos. (optional)
9. Tie : 2 nos.
10. Handkerchiefs : 10 nos.
11. Undergarments (briefs): 10-14 no.s
12. Banyans (Vest): 6-10 no.s (for one or two years)
13. Socks : 8 nos. if u want u can bring more.
14. Towels : (Bathing - 2 , Hand -u can get them from here also )
15. Night ware : 2 nos.
16. Sweaters :(Full sweater - at lest two , Half sweater - 2)
17. Hand Gloves : 1 no (you can come here and get it too)
18. Muffler, Cap 1 no. ( you can come here and get it too)
19. Thermals : 2 no
20. Bed sheets : 1 or 2 nos.
21. Pillow Covers : Actually u have to buy pillow here


Important: Usually leather items are very expensive in Korea

Formal Shoes : 1 no. At least
Belts : 1-2 nos.

Wallets : 1-2 no. (Get one with lots of pockets for storing credit/ bank card/transfor cards. Most of the transactions take place with these cards).


If you stay at dorm u will not be allowed to cook using gas oven. However, u can bring some utensils which are compatible with microwave oven.

Every dorm is provided with microwave oven facility, where u can make rice, noodles, milk etc. REMEMBER FOR MICROWAVE U NEED SPECIAL UTENSILS

If you chose to stay off-campus u can cook urself using gas oven. But in such cases the room will be lil expensive. If u find any partner and share then it will be economical.

Important: Get only flat bottomed utensils for cooking food (preferably non-stick). (U can get those here also.)

Food items: It is better to get these items so that you don't have to do any heavy food shopping in the very first month of your stay in Korea

Also at the start you would be unwilling to spend too much money :-)

Important: Most of the food items mentioned below are available at Indian market.

However, please keep in mind the weight limit of the airlines. If the weight exceeds too much u either u have to throw away the extra luggage at the airport or else u have to pay extra money. Either of them is not advisible. Therefore I would suggest to bring only a few essentials things, like Maggie, or some spices. No heavy things like rice or dal. U can get those things easily here.

1. Turmeric Powder - 250 g
2. Chili Powder (Red) - 250g
3. Black pepper powder - 50-100 g
4. Salt - 1 packet
5. Dhania - Jeera - 250g
6. Rai - if u want
7. Pav bhaji masala - if u want
8. Chole Masala - 1 packets (optional)
9. Chat Masala - 1 packet (optional)
10. Tea/Coffee Powder - as u want
11. Tea Masala - if u like
12. Papad / Khakhra (as per ur need)
13. Rajma - 0.5 kg
14. Chole - 0.5 kg
15. Toor dal - 0.5 kg
16. Moong dal - 0.5 kg
18. Elaichi - 200 gm
19. Rawa - if u want
20. Pressure Cooker(small one) - 1 no. with Spare gaskets (check out the size) and safety valves -3 to 4 nos
21. Non-Stick Frying pan with lead - At least one. (very useful)
22. Spoons, Knives, Forks, Dishes,- 1-2 no. each
23. Tumblers, Bowls - 2 nos. each (better to get them from here)
24. Pickles (1 for you , 2 for us.. )
25. Sweets (for us obviously.. )


1. Slipper - 1 no .
2. Sneakers - 1 no.
3. Mirror - 1 no.
4. Cold cream - 1 no.
5. Shaving Kit - 1 no (get additional blades too)
6. Combs/Brush 2 nos.
7. Sewing Kit - we can get it here
8. Tooth brush/paste
9. Pen/Pencil (0.5s)
10. Pencil Leads (very expensive here and you will use pencil here so get 5-10 lead boxes)
11. Erasers
12. Ruler
13. Notebook - 2 no. (you'll get them here obviously, but just to get you started)
14. Alarm Clock - 1 no.
15. Spectacles - 1 no. + 2 for backup (they're quite expensive here. So get your eyes tested before you come here)
16. Ear buds - 1 pack
17. Bathing soap/Shampoo ( just for initial 1-2 weeks)
18. Washing Soap
19. Soap Case
20. Nail cutter - 1 no.
21. Moisturizer
22. Key Chains
23. College Bag - 1 no (preferably back sack type)
24. Deodorant
25. Bathroom Mugs
27. Marker ( 1 fluorescent and 1 permanent)
28. Umbrella - 1 no (very important, unless you want to spend 10$ on one as soon as you come here)
29. Hangers (Not necessary. You can get them here for cheap )
30. Stapler Pins and Stapler (No need)
31. Recorded Audio Cassettes & CDs (very Important) or copied in USB. (But don't bother too much, I have good collection)
32. Pair of scissors. (No need actually, even if u want to bring then please don't keep them in ur cabin/hand bag)
33. Photos of relatives and friends (You're not going to be seeing them for a long time).
34. Textbooks (undergrad & grad subjects which you think might be useful). You can always mail seniors here to ask for the common required books ( optional)
35. International driving Permit 
(if you already have n if u know how to drive a car, though u will not be able to buy a car here during ur study period, it's too expensive!!!!!)

IMPORTANT:Please don't keep any knife, nail cutter, scissors and liquid or gel items(Shampoo, body wash, liquid soap, deodorants, perfume, oil, shaving foam etc in ur hand bag.


Important: Medicines are very expensive in SK. Besides most of the medicines cannot be purchased without doctor's prescription. So get most of the common medicines.

Important:Your family doctor is the best source of information. I cannot recommend you any medicines

Important: Get the vaccines if u need any. There is a high fee for the vaccines here.

Important: The insurance plan does not cover dental treatment. Dental treatment is EXTREMELY expensive in SK. So complete all the dental treatment before coming here.

Spare Spectacles (Eyeglasses) 2,IF U WEAR

1.Disprin (aspirin)
5.Crocin Pain killer
11.Savlon bottle 1
12.Band Aids, washproof
13.Band Aids, assorted box
14.Adhesive plaster (JohnsonPlast)
15.Cotton wool roll, small
16.Neosporin ointment 1
17.Betnovate N ointment
18.Vicks Vaporub


1. Around US$ 300-400 in cash. That's enough.
2. Always carry the money (Cash) with you. DO NOT keep it in the luggage.


Important: Carry all the original documents including your certificate, medical records file, Univ documents, passport, money with you.

Documents don't contribute to any significant weight. Any backpack will accommodate all the above things.

1. Some medicines (for air sickness).
3. Sweater (You will spend long time in the air-conditioned environment, but no need. Airlines also will provide u blanket)
4. Address book/phone book (Indian and Korean)
5. Copies of your photo (passport size)
6. Things to survive for a week in case luggage gets misplaced (two sets of clothes, valuables like calculators, addresses etc.)
7. contact addresses and telephone numbers - especially of people coming to pick you up.


1. List of addresses/phone numbers at which info. about you can be obtained.
2. Two photocopies copies of all your important documents. These also include attested copies of your mark lists.
3. A copy of all relevant parts of medical history files.
4. Extra copies of your grade transcripts.
5. A few blank signed papers-so that your parents can be authorized to look after anything on your behalf.


1. Call up the airline to confirm the ticket and date (inform people coming to pick you up if there is any change)
2. Rest well- ready to face long journey
3. Bid bye to all concerned and other general stuff.


1. Wear something comfortable. Wear your shoes in flight.
2. Be at the airport 3-4 hours before the flight.
3. Relax during flight. Sleep as much as possible, set your time to KST and sleep accordingly.
(BTW, KST is 3 and half hours ahead of Indian time) example if its 10.00AM in India, its 1:30 PM in Korea same day).
4. Vegetarians have to be careful. Don't hesitate to ask questions. You get very good fruit juices.
5. In case of problems during take-off and landing don't hesitate to ask for ear-buds before take-off.

 ******** THANK YOU ********